Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Man From Primrose Lane

The Man From Primrose Lane – James Renner
You really HAVEN’T read anything like this before!
This is surely the most promising debut this year. It begins with the murder of an old man known simply as ‘The Man from Primrose Lane’, no-one knows who he really is, and it would appear this is the way he wanted it as he was constantly wearing mittens, cutting off his own fingers and putting them into a blender to hide his identity even in death.
David Neff, a true crime writer has recently lost his wife to suicide and has closeted himself away from the world with their small son. Yet when the story of this reclusive man comes to his attention, he is powerless to stop the domino effect that pulls him back into the world. What follows is a wonderful recounting of how David met his late wife, and the search for a killer that resulted in his first book. Yet there are many more things that must be uncovered, and this book will have you gasping. I truly found this to be a consuming novel – one of those books that you can’t help but rave about and force onto your friends. This is a triumph of a debut – James Renner is certainly one to watch!

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