Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Uninvited Guests

The Uninvited Guests – Sadie Jones
A glorious Edwardian tale complete with an upstairs downstairs family dramedy.
Sadie Jones has established herself as a writer with a wonderful insight into the human condition, and this is what makes her latest offering so much more than just a ghost story. It begins the morning of Emerald Torrington’s birthday, despite their reduced circumstances there is to be a quiet but sophisticated dinner that evening for the family and a few guests, these being the neighbour, John Buchanan and Emerald’s best friend Patience with her brother Ernest.
But when a crash on the bridge line occurs and suddenly the Torrington’s find their night is overtaken by a host of misplaced passengers. One passenger in particular shakes things up – leading to a few revelations that will leave the family forever changed. Add to this the youngest Torrington’s ‘great endeavour’ and the scene is set for an evening of delightful mystery and shenanigans aplenty. I so enjoyed this novel, I was entertained the entire time, and laughed out loud more than once. This was a delightful, extremely atmospheric read.

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