Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Secrets of the Tides

Secrets of the Tides – Hannah Richell
A young boy goes missing, a family falls apart.
Dora Tide is pregnant; her partner Dan is over the moon yet Dora is struggling to trust the happiness that threatens. So begins her journey to reconnect with a family that she has barely seen in over ten years to understand the mechanics and implications of the fall out of her little brother going missing years before. As Dora visits her family members in turn we discover the exact events of that tragic day along with the history of the Tides and those choices that were made to bring them to this point.
This was a beautifully, thoughtfully written debut novel that transcends the genre in a way that is almost cathartic. As I read I struggled with where to place blame just as the characters did, and as they came back together so did I. This novel really makes you think, forces you to examine your own prejudices and dares you to shy away from those implications. We follow not only Dora’s struggle but those of the entire Tide family as they strive to find something to bring them together again.
Hannah Richell will be at Better Read Than Dead later this month for a glorious High Tea event! Check out their website or email them for more info!

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